A conservatorship in California is where a responsible person or organization (the “Conservator”) is appointed by the court to care for someone over the age of 18 (the “Conservatee”) who cannot take care of themselves or manage their own finances.   I can help you with a conservatorship for a child with developmental  disabilities turning 18.  I can also assist you with general conservatorships when an adult, often elderly, cannot take care of themselves and have not executed a durable power of attorney for finances or an advanced healthcare directive. 

I cannot assist you with a Lanterman-Petris-Short (LPS) Conservatorship which is used to care for adults with serious mental health illnesses who need special care. Please contact your local county Public Guardian’s office for assistance with those matters.




Estate/Probate Law

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Conservatorship Law

Developmentally disabled children turing 18. Adults who cannot take care of themselves.


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